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Pensions contributions and benefits

The SmartPAY e-NAPSA Payment and Collections system is the Bank’s interface for collection of pension contributions from employers.

In Zambia NAPSA (National Pension Scheme Authority) is the body responsible for collection of pensions contributions and distribution of benefits.


● Web-based application that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.
● Easy registration of businesses and employees via the online portal.
● Allows registered businesses/ individuals to make contributions on behalf of their employees.
● Members are able to keep track of their contributions.
● Easy processing of benefits once member reaches the required age.
● Improved communications between members and the pensions authority.


      NAPSA has various e-channels that members of the scheme can use to access information at their convenience

Member Portal

Check contributions account balance

Download full contribution statement

Check member beneficiary details

Report online any anomalies noted on member account

Track claims

NAPSA calculator

Employer Portal

Register new employees with the scheme.

File/upload monthly returns and generate a Returns Submission Form (eNAPSA Payment Registration Form).

 Download member contribution statements for all employees on the employer account